Global Georgetown

Academic excellence, a D.C. location, and service to the world are at the core of Georgetown University's global identity. An international community of scholars and students based in the nation’s capital, Georgetown advances the common good through research, teaching, and outreach around global issues.

Aerial view of the Vatican's St. Peter's Square

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway, this platform gathers academic public in-person and online events organized in Rome by participating Catholic institutions with the coordination of the Georgetown University Representative…

Reporters hold microphones up to a man in a suit

Sanford Ungar, director of the Free Speech Project at Georgetown University, discusses his experience as a Voice of America (VOA) journalist and VOA's important role in global journalism with the Washington Post.

Colin McCollester (G'14)

The new Colin McCollester Mission Fund supports international internships, experiential learning, study abroad, and other international learning experiences for McCourt School students.

Joel Hellman, Madeleine Albright, George Casey, and George Tenet on Zoom

Following up on their 2019 conversation during the Centennial Weekend, on November 17, 2020, SFS convened Madeleine Albright, George Casey, and George Tenet for a virtual event to share their expert insights on the future role of U.S. diplomacy.

Susan Deller Ross in a classroom with students

The United Nations Association of the United States is giving its 2020 Perdita Huston Award to Susan Deller Ross of Georgetown Law in recognition of her work advancing the rights of women and girls domestically and internationally.


Georgetown Magazine talks with Georgetown faculty Lawrence Gostin, Rebecca Katz, Mark Dybul, and Christopher J. King about why the COVID-19 virus is causing worldwide devastation and what the future might bring.