Global Georgetown

Academic excellence, a DC location, and service to the world are at the core of Georgetown University's global identity. An international community of scholars and students based in the nation’s capital, Georgetown advances the common good through research, teaching, and outreach around global issues.

Daniel Byman

In the Wall Street Journal School of Foreign Service professor Daniel Byman explores the legacy of the Khobar Towers and Iranian aggression in the Middle East, 25 years after 19 Americans died in the deadly bombing in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. James Giordano

Neurology and ethics professor James Giordano (Georgetown University Medical Center) told the Guardian that Russia and China may be continuing to develop microwave weapons, even after the United States ended their exploration due to ethical concerns.

Overhead view of a man typing on three computer screens

Researchers from Georgetown's Center for Security and Emerging Technology have found a way to make OpenAI’s text-generating artificial intelligence program GPT-3 write convincing misinformation.

An Indian farmer uses a cow-pulled plow to till a field

A panel event hosted by Georgetown University in Qatar brought together scholars to address central questions related to climate change, the politics of natural resources, food security, water conflict, and other issues of environmental concern.

Georgetown University campus skyline viewed from the Key Bridge

Georgetown students in the Class of 2021 have earned prestigious scholarships and fellowships to advance social justice around the world, published books and original research that advocate for social change, and served their communities through…