Human Rights

Human Rights

Faculty and students across Georgetown's schools and programs address human rights issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Teaching, research, and outreach activities explore the legal, policy, and ethical dimensions of political and social rights and their contestation around the world. This work resonates with Georgetown's historic commitments to the principles of human dignity and the global common good. It also benefits from Georgetown's Washington, D.C. location, which provides students and scholars the opportunity to interact closely with international human rights policy and advocacy networks.

Ph.D. in Theological and Religious Studies

The Department of Theology sponsors this Ph.D. program with religious pluralism as a central focus. Students comparatively examine at least two major religions with respect to theology, ethics, and culture.

Certificate in International Human Rights Law

This certificate allows LL.M. students to attain knowledge in the field of human rights law on both a national and international level at Georgetown. This certificate is sponsored by the Law Center.

Human Rights Institute

The Human Rights Institute houses research and teaching related to human rights at the Law Center and aims to help students engage with and develop key competencies in human rights law.