Human Rights

Human Rights

Faculty and students across Georgetown's schools and programs address human rights issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Teaching, research, and outreach activities explore the legal, policy, and ethical dimensions of political and social rights and their contestation around the world. This work resonates with Georgetown's historic commitments to the principles of human dignity and the global common good. It also benefits from Georgetown's Washington, D.C. location, which provides students and scholars the opportunity to interact closely with international human rights policy and advocacy networks.

Human Rights Institute

The Human Rights Institute houses research and teaching related to human rights at the Law Center and aims to help students engage with and develop key competencies in human rights law.


Chinese Electoral Framework Project

Community-Based Learning Abroad

David F. Andretta Summer Research Fellowship

Education and Social Justice Summer Research Fellowship

Georgetown Journal of International Law

Global Health and Human Rights Database

Graduate Certificate in Arab Studies

Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship Program

Hoyas Global Initiative

International Women’s Human Rights Clinic

International Women’s Human Rights Graduate Teaching Fellowship

J.D./M.A. in Arab Studies

J.D./M.A. in German and European Studies

Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network

Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics Fellows

Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa Fellowship Program

LL.M. in National Security Law

M.A. in Arab Studies

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in Government

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in History

M.A. in Latin American Studies

M.A. in Latin American Studies/Ph.D. in Government

M.A. in Liberal Studies

M.S. in Foreign Service Internship Opportunity with UNICEF

Magis Jamaica Alternative Break

Major in Justice and Peace Studies

Middle East and North Africa Forum

Minor/Certificate in Jewish Civilization

Minor/Certificate in Justice and Peace Studies

Minor/Certificate in Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs

Partnership: USAID Center of Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Ph.D. in Government

Ph.D. in Philosophy

Ph.D. in Theological and Religious Studies

Popular Consultation in East Timor Information Center

Practitioner Guides for Human Rights in Patient Care

Practitioners and Faith-Inspired Development Interview Series

Religion in China and the United States Project

Religious Freedom Project

Research Project: Transitional Electoral Framework for Syria International Electoral Policy and Practice

State Secrets Archives

Students Stopping the Trafficking of People

Summer in Bogota, Colombia: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution - Universidad de los Andes

The Church and the World Program

The Evolution of Gulf Global Cities

Truth and Human Rights in North Korea

U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative Student Leaders Program

Under Caesar’s Sword