Peace and Security

Peace and Security

Georgetown is an international leader in the study of peace and security issues.

The School of Foreign Service offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in international studies and is home to the Security Studies Program and the Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Georgetown College offers a master's degree in conflict resolution and recently introduced a justice and peace studies major. The university's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs explores issues of faith, justice, and peace connected with Georgetown's identity as a leading global university in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition. Georgetown’s Washington, D.C., location gives students and faculty access to U.S. government organizations, including the Departments of State and Defense and the U.S. Institute of Peace, as well as a range of other think tanks and institutes focused on security questions.

M.A. in Conflict Resolution

This M.A. program is sponsored by the Department of Government at Georgetown. Participants gain essential skills and multi-disciplinary knowledge to effectively analyze and intervene in the complex conflicts challenging the world.

Center for Security Studies

Established in 2000, the Center for Security Studies is an academic research center in the School of Foreign Service that offers a master's degree program in international security.


Certificate in International Migration Studies

Certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies

Executive Master of Professional Studies in Emergency and Disaster Management

Globalization, Religions, and the Secular Project

Graduate Certificate in Arab Studies

J.D./LL.M. in National Security Law

J.D./M.A. in Arab Studies

J.D./M.A. in German and European Studies

J.D./M.A. in Security Studies

LL.M. in National Security Law

M.A. in Arab Studies

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in Government

M.A. in Arab Studies/Ph.D. in History

M.A. in Asian Studies

M.A. in Conflict Resolution

M.A. in German and European Studies

M.A. in German and European Studies/Master of Public Policy

M.A. in German and European Studies/Ph.D. in Government

M.A. in Latin American Studies

M.A. in Latin American Studies/Ph.D. in Government

M.A. in Security Studies Program

M.S. in Foreign Service

M.S. in Foreign Service Concentration in Global Politics and Security

M.S. in Foreign Service/M.A. in Global, International, and Comparative History

Major in International Politics

Major in Justice and Peace Studies

Minor/Certificate in Justice and Peace Studies

Minor/Certificate in Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs

Ph.D. in Government

Sports Diplomacy Programs - U.S. Department of State

Study Abroad in St. Andrews, United Kingdom - University of St. Andrews/Security Studies Program

Summer in Bogota, Colombia: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution - Universidad de los Andes

U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative Student Leaders Program