Georgetown University’s engagement with issues of global development is campus-wide, from the Main Campus to the Law Center and the Medical Center.

Distinguished faculty across schools, departments, and centers bring multidisciplinary strengths to teaching and research within this growing field. Global development work resonates with Georgetown's institutional commitment to advancement of the values of human dignity and the global common good. Washington, D.C., home to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and an array of other key international and national institutions, is an ideal location for the exploration of global development issues in their policy, legal, and ethical dimensions.

M.S. in Foreign Service Concentration in International Development

The Concentration in International Development in the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program offers students a thorough grounding in four key areas: development theory and paradigms; key development actors and institutions and their modes of operation; specific operational tools and techniques necessary for successful program management; and in-depth knowledge of a specific technical field.

Latin America Leadership Program Logo

The Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) manages programs supported by Georgetown’s Latin American Board which educate new generations of leaders across the region active in the public and private sectors and in civil society. Through programs…