Art and Performance

Art and Performance

The focus of the visual and performing arts at Georgetown is the development of imagination and creativity, a priority anchored in the university’s liberal arts curriculum and Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person.

With faculty experts in art and performance diverse historical eras and regions of the world, Georgetown provides students with a unique and rigorous curriculum. Georgetown’s arts programming is enhanced by the university’s galleries and cross-campus collaborations that promote interdisciplinary research, initiatives, and events. Washington, D.C., home to countless world-renowned museums and performing arts centers, provides the perfect opportunity for an immersive arts education that extends well beyond the classroom.

Major in Art History

The Department of Art and Art History in the College sponsors this undergraduate major in art history. Students study a range of art and architectural works within historical and cultural contexts and develop skills in visual observation and analysis.

Film and Media Studies Program
The Film and Media Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic program in the College offering an undergraduate minor that explores the relations between media, power, and social justice.