A Global University for the Twenty-First Century

In our globalizing world nations and individuals are more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. As institutions dedicated to the creation and sharing of knowledge, universities bear a special responsibility to engage the forces of globalization to advance the betterment of humankind. At Georgetown we exercise this global responsibility in the formation of our students, the inquiry of our faculty, and service to the global common good.

As a Catholic and Jesuit university committed to the principles of care for the whole person (cura personalis) and the promotion of justice, Georgetown forms students with knowledge, skills, and judgment to serve and lead in a globalizing world.

Our faculty of leading scholars and dedicated teachers pursue multidisciplinary inquiry around global challenges including economic and social development, democracy and human rights, peace and security, and environmental sustainability and public health.

Our location in Washington, D.C. and extensive international partnerships give us unparalleled opportunity to convene leading scholars and practitioners for dialogue and collaboration in service to the global common good.

This Global Engagement website provides an overview of our accomplishments and aspirations as a global university for the twenty-first century. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we deepen this important work.

Dr. John J. DeGioia
President, Georgetown University