Campion Hall (Oxford) Residency

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The Campion Hall (Oxford) Residency enables extended faculty research stays at Oxford, typically for one semester or for one to two months during the summer.


All full-time Georgetown faculty members across all of Georgetown's campuses, including Georgetown University in Qatar are eligible to apply. Faculty will be responsible for securing any necessary administrative approvals for leave.


Georgetown leases an apartment adjacent to Campion Hall at Oxford for Georgetown faculty to embark on extended research stays, typically either for a semester (January to May or September to early December) or for the summer (one to two month stays between June and August). Campion Hall is the principal work of the Society of Jesus in Oxford. It is centrally located in the city and home to an interdisciplinary scholarly community of Jesuits and non-Jesuit members of the university. It is the oldest of the Permanent Private Halls at the University of Oxford and participates fully in the university’s collegiate life. While in residence Georgetown faculty are expected to combine their own research with participation in the life of the community. The apartment is fully furnished and includes linens, kitchen equipment, and laundry facilities. Georgetown University covers the rent; faculty are responsible for modest cleaning, phone, and laundry fees.


There are no restrictions on topic areas.


The Global Engagement Faculty Committee will consider residency proposals in March and October each year. Applications for residency in fall 2024 (September to December) are due by midnight EST on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Application Process

Applicants should submit their materials in one combined PDF file to with a subject line of “LASTNAME-Campion Hall.” Applications must include:

  • the application form
  • a two-page memo outlining the nature of the proposed research project and what is to be accomplished during the stay
  • a CV

All applicants should expect to receive confirmation of receipt of their applications.

Decision Criteria

In making its decisions, the committee will be guided by the merits of the research proposal, the prospects for interaction and collaboration with the Campion Hall and Oxford communities, apartment availability, and balancing awards over time across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Some special consideration will be given to proposals that have a Catholic or Jesuit dimension. Some preference will be given to faculty who have not previously received a residency.

Notification and Execution

The faculty committee will notify applicants of its decisions within a month of the submission deadline. Candidacies are then forwarded to the rector of Campion Hall and the apartment management company for final approval.

Questions may be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement at

Faculty Testimonials

“I spent the fall 2018 semester at Campion Hall catching up on writing and taking a break from teaching. The staff and residents of Campion were welcoming and gracious. Oxford is magical and Campion Hall is right in the center of the oldest part of town. From pints at nearby pubs, to long walks in the water meadows and beside the Thames, to wonderful choral and chamber music concerts, the setting is perfect. I found it very easy to be productive while there and hope to spend more time there in future.”
—Anne Rosenwald, Department of Biology, Fall 2018 Resident

“I found my work at Campion Hall, Oxford, particularly helpful in examining certain thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth century English manuscripts in the Bodleian Library's Rawlinson collection, that were relevant to certain textual, manuscript, and literary studies I am undertaking on the late medieval English lyric. It was a great advantage to examine certain relevant poems ‘in situ,’ that is, in their manuscript context, and to see how much could be learned from that. My work on these (and other) manuscripts and on these projects continues.”
—John Hirsh, Department of English, Summer 2018 Resident

“Visiting Oxford and the Jesuit community in Campion Hall proved absolutely critical for my research on vernacular Christianity and indigenous peoples’ histories in modern India. Not only could I access valuable missionary records and rare books related to my region of study, but I also learned much from theologians, philosophers, historians, and others in the Campion Hall community. I particularly cherish my experience at a summer workshop on the promise and pitfalls of liberation theology, which helped me appreciate parallels between Latin America and South Asia that I had not contemplated previously. The apartment itself was tastefully furnished and spotlessly clean, and for my wife and me, it was nothing less than an oasis of calm in the heart of Oxford last summer.”
—Uday Chandra, GU-Qatar, Summer 2017 Resident

“The residency at Campion Hall was one of the most incredible experiences I have had as part of my academic experience. The beautiful grounds and history of the building was awe inspiring and tranquil. The external surroundings support peace and introspection. The resident priests are great thought partners and quite funny. As a non-Catholic/Jesuit, the environment was very welcoming, and the dinners led to interesting conversations from religion to politics. The presence of Father Mahoney made my residency extra special. His wisdom and support of my research was a pleasant surprise and true delight. I highly recommend Campion Hall for those seeking time to reflect and rejuvenate.”
—Melissa Bradley, McDonough School of Business, Summer 2017 Resident

“I had a successful five-month artist residency at Campion Hall, Oxford University in spring 2017. The Jesuits at Campion Hall are enormously welcoming and supportive. It was a pleasure to work alongside the resident faculty, graduate students, and staff. Discussions were always respectful and stimulating among colleagues from varied disciplines. I was the first faculty member in the studio arts to receive Georgetown’s Campion Hall Residency. The Campion Hall Residency is an extraordinary opportunity that I highly recommend. I hope more faculty, especially in the arts, take advantage of the opportunity that the relationship between Georgetown University and Campion Hall, Oxford University has created.”
—John Morrell, Department of Art and Art History, Spring 2017 Resident