HoyasForShe Student Fund Application

Submit this form (as a Microsoft Word document) and required attachments to Yvonne Quek (yq56@georgetown.edu) in the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement.

Date: _________‚Äč

Contact Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

Name of Applicant(s): ________________________________________________________________________

Name of Student Organization(s):  ______________________________________________________________

Proposed Project Title: ________________________________________________________________________

Anticipated Project Date(s): ____________________________________________________________________

Proposed Budget: _____________

Have you received an award from this office before? _____

If so, please describe the date and title/nature of the award: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Required Attachments:

  • Brief description of your request in 100 words or fewer.
  • 500 to 700-word statement outlining the purpose and proposed budget of the activity for which funds are requested.