February 24, 2017

Deepak Addanki is Taking Full Advantage of the Georgetown Global MBA

Deepak Addanki is Taking Full Advantage of the Georgetown Global MBA

Deepak Addanki (MBA’17) came to the United States from a small town in Andhra Pradesh State, India, to pursue his MBA at the McDonough School of Business. During the fall of his second year, he studied abroad at the ESADE Business and Law School in Barcelona, Spain. After graduation, he will join Amazon Europe as an operations manager in the United Kingdom.

Addanki graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, one of India’s premier colleges, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2012. After completing his undergraduate studies, he began working as a business analyst for Standard Chartered Bank in Chennai. Not wanting to commit solely to the banking industry, he also worked with an educational institution teaching mathematics and physics to high school students. It was in this environment that his inclination for consulting flourished. While teaching at the institution, Addanki had the opportunity to consult with the school’s administration on their business development.

“There is quite a big footprint of Georgetown graduates in all the top consulting firms,” Addanki says when mentioning what attracted him to the program. “They’re not just in the United States, but all over the world and on every continent with these firms.” 

A global experience was an important factor, as well as global prospects for a career after graduation. In addition to the global nature of the program, the people at Georgetown made all the difference.

 “I could tell the culture was very collaborative…everyone I spoke to was very kind and welcoming," he said.

The Georgetown Global Experience

Addanki took full advantage of the global experience and prospects that Georgetown has to offer. In the fall of his second year, he studied abroad at ESADE Business and Law School in Barcelona, Spain. Of the many options to study abroad that Georgetown offers MBA students, including schools in Paris, London, and Beijing, Addanki chose ESADE due to its heavy focus on entrepreneurship. 

During his semester abroad, Addanki took several classes in entrepreneurship and startup management. In his free time, he enjoyed as much of Barcelona and Europe as he possibly could. He also learned some Spanish, making it his fifth language.

"The opportunity to study abroad during an MBA is a unique experience not offered by every MBA program in the United States," said Addanki. "I am very grateful to have chosen Georgetown and to have had the opportunity to expand my understanding of global business."

But according to Addanki, getting a global experience at Georgetown didn't even require going abroad. 

"The other MBA students are so global," he said. "Regardless of what opportunities you choose from the university, such as studying abroad, you will surely have a global experience just by meeting all of your classmates. I have friends from every continent thanks to Georgetown, so I feel support from every corner of the world."

International Prospects

Addanki’s ultimate professional goal is to open his own global consulting firm in India, and thanks to his experience at Georgetown, he feels he can achieve that goal.

"Georgetown has given me a firsthand look at various cultures and how they do business in different parts of the world," he said.

While at ESADE, Addanki was recruited for full-time positions and received offers to work in his home country, the United States, and in Europe. He ultimately chose Amazon Europe to expand his global business exposure and professional skill set. Addanki will have to manage a team of about 500 people coming from all over the world, but he is certain that Georgetown has prepared him for the challenge. 

“Georgetown has exceeded my expectations," Addanki said. "I’m prepared to take on the world.”