Global Engagement Faculty Grants

The Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement supports two grant programs and an Oxford residency.

A Global Engagement Faculty Committee, nominated by the provost and the executive vice presidents of the Law and Medical Centers, meets twice a year, in March and October, to consider proposals.

Short descriptions follow the names of the grant programs, each of which links to pages with more detail. Applications for the fall 2023 round are due by noon EST on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

  • International Collaborative Grants support joint conferences, workshops, or seminars involving at least two full-time Georgetown faculty and at least one foreign collaborator. These grants, of up to $15,000, cover eligible economy travel and meeting expenses.
  • Global Humanities Faculty Seminars support speaker series around issues of culture, identity, narrative, and power that cut across national boundaries. These grants, of up to $12,500 each, are co-sponsored by Georgetown College.
  • The Campion Hall (Oxford) Residency enables extended faculty research stays at Oxford, typically for one semester or during the summer.

All programs are open to all full-time faculty across all of Georgetown's campuses, including Georgetown University in Qatar.

Additional funding opportunities are available to faculty on Main Campus through the Office of the Provost. The provost awards approximately $1 million annually in institutional grants or fellowships to Main Campus faculty, some of which can be used to fund international research and travel.

For more information about these programs, contact the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement at