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Steven Radelet

Steve Radelet is the Donald F. McHenry Chair in Global Human Development and is the director of the Global Human Development Program in the School of Foreign Service. He joined the Georgetown faculty in 2012.

International activities include:

  • Economic adviser to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia (2005-present); Economic adviser to President Joyce Banda of Malawi (2012-2014); USAID chief economist (2010-2012); senior adviser for development to secretary of state Hillary Clinton (2010); deputy assistant secretary of the treasury for Africa, the Middle East and Asia (2000-2002)
  • Article in the Economic Journal, Counting Chickens when they Hatch: Timing and the Effects of Aid On Growth, was awarded the 2012 Royal Economic Society Prize
  • Author/co-author of six books and over 60 articles in scholarly journals and edited volumes

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