Terracotta warriors

China and the West: Cultural Dialogues

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China and the West: Cultural Dialogues is an event series sponsored by Georgetown University's Future of the Humanities Project, a partnership with Campion Hall, Oxford, and Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, in cooperation with the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (London). 

By advancing dialogue between China and the West around the arts and the humanities, the series seeks to promote intercultural understanding in an era of heightened ideological and geopolitical tensions. As the Constitution of UNESCO states “since wars begin in the minds of men [and women], it is in the minds of men [and women] that the defences of peace must be constructed.” Speakers will explore cultural differences, commonalities, and connections—diverse expressions of the human mind through art, performance, philosophy, and literature.

Event Series

Statue of Lu Xun

Mourning As Self-Affirmation

Lu Xun’s short story “Mourning the Dead” (also translated as “Regret for the Past”) never ceases to fascinate, puzzle, and pain its readers ever since its publication in 1926. As the author’s only…

Chinese fan dance at the Bund

The Case for Cross-Cultural Dialogues

What do we really know about the rich history and heritage of China, and how does it compare with the history and heritage of the West? What is Chinese literature, and how did it develop? What were…