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Emily Mendenhall

Emily Mendenhall is a Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor in the Science, Technology and International Affairs Program in the School of Foreign Service. She is a member of the Global Health Initiative faculty committee.

International activities include:

  • Author of Rethinking Diabetes: Entanglements with Trauma, Poverty, and HIV (Cornell University Press, 2019)
  • Lead author of a series of articles on syndemics in The Lancet published in 2017, which provides an innovative way to think about social determinants of health
  • Conducted a decade-long cross-cultural study of the synergistic intersections of poverty, depression, and diabetes among the urban poor in India, Kenya, South Africa, and the United States​
  • Co-editor of "Global Mental Health: Anthropological Perspectives" (2015) as well as the "Global Health Narratives" book series
  • Published more than three dozen articles in medical anthropology and global health

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