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Middle East and North Africa

Georgetown University has a strong commitment to teaching and research related to the Middle East.

In 2005, the School of Foreign Service opened a campus in Doha, Qatar. Since then, Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) has become a hub for Georgetown’s academic and outreach activities in the Middle East. The Center for International and Regional Studies at GU-Q sponsors research initiatives on international relations, political economy, and domestic politics of the Gulf. The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies serve as major hubs of regional study at Georgetown’s Main Campus in Washington, DC. As a Jesuit university with a strong commitment to a global outlook and interreligious dialogue, Georgetown actively pursues fruitful partnerships and scholarship related to the Middle East across schools and disciplines. This work is amplified by Georgetown’s Washington, DC, location, where students and scholars have access to relevant policy institutions and cultural centers.

M.A. in Arab Studies
The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies sponsors this M.A. program. Participants, including researchers, practitioners, and activists, study the language, history, culture, politics, and economics of the contemporary Arab world.
Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies
The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies is an academic department in the College offering undergraduate and graduate degrees which seeks to develop a determined and vigorous long-term strategy to create and maintain linguistic and cultural…